Top tips to pull more enrolled students out of the “deep end” of your lead pool


Guest post by EPS Communications

Every pool of prospective students has a shallow end – those prospects who are closest to entering your next class – and a deep end, which usually has far more prospects in it who might well be qualified for your program, but simply aren’t ready to come out of the pool yet.

There are a number of reasons why these prospects aren’t ready to enroll; most commonly these include:

  • Concerns over how they’ll pay for the program
  • Just starting to explore program options
  • Still determining whether they can adjust their lives to pursue the program
  • They are shopping on price and don’t want to admit it
  • They want to learn more about the reputation of the school and program from non-admissions representatives

The A B C’s of lead nurturing.

“Always Be Closing” is the sales mantra made famous in Glengary Glen Ross. We propose amending this hard-sales slogan to “Always Be Communicating.”

There are two primary reasons for keeping leads informed and engaged; the first is to ensure your school is top of mind when a prospect is ready to enroll.  The second is that it gives you an opportunity to address the common issues prospective students have for putting off their enrollment decisions.

Here are some of the key messages you should be sending regularly to your lead pool:

  1. Value/ROI They say they can’t afford to enroll in your program? Tell them why they can’t afford not to enroll in it! Demonstrate how their lives will be enriched financially, emotionally, and professionally. Take a screen grab from and show them salary ranges for the positions graduates of your program are qualified to fill. Send them compelling testimonials from recent alums and current students. Create a LinkedIn page for program alumni so prospects can contact the person they choose, rather than your “ambassador” (who they’ll assume is someone you’ve already screened). If they are shopping on price, you have to convince them of your value – there have been higher education research studies that show students don’t always choose the lowest price option.
  1. Why enroll now? Because…it will get you to your professional goal faster and has an exponential impact on lifetime earnings; because it’s the last year you’ll be able to work with legendary faculty member X, or to learn from visiting professor Y; because if you start in the next 90 days, we’ll waive the fee for the last course in the program; because the other students in the program this year are among the best you’ve ever seen – come meet them at our (event name)!
  1. Why change your life? Every degree can be considered life-changing; participants gain new skills and knowledge and a deeper understanding of who they are, and what they are capable of accomplishing (especially if they earn their degree while continuing to work and manage family responsibilities). Share stories with them of others who have overcome even greater challenges to earn their degree and are now the happier for it. Let them know all about the places near campus where graduate students go to eat, drink and be merry (ahem… study). Tell them where they can get a great cup of coffee on the way to campus – the more you can help them picture themselves enrolled in your program the better.

 These are just a few tips for reeling in more of the fish in your pool. To learn more, attend EPS’ Break Out session presentation at the November NEGAP conference.

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